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Ethan Web

Ethan's Story

Sweet Chariot Early Learning Center has such a caring and family- oriented team taking care of my child. I can see where my son’s communication and cognitive skills have improved since he’s been in attendance. He has learned his ABCs, colors, and can count to 10, all by age two! He also seems much happier there than at his previous center. They treat my son with the care that I would treat him. Both professional and family-oriented, that kind of care is hard to find.

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Nevaeh's Story

Sweet Chariot ELC was an amazing village for our family. We felt how much they cared about Nevaeh and all the children. Their investment of time and energy in our daughter has been invaluable—they’ve helped us build up an amazing, smart, young lady. She is currently in the 5th grade reading at a late 6th grade/early 7th grade level. The sky is the limit for our beautiful and awesome daughter. We could not have done it without our village of amazing teachers and staff at Sweet Chariot Early Learning Center.

Nevaeh Web

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Andrew Web

Andrew's Story

Andrew learned to speak his first words, the alphabet, and counting while at Sweet Chariot. He made friends and learned to use the bathroom all by himself, all of which were without a doubt the most important moments in his transition from a toddler to big boy.